Aletheia Philosophy

The meaning behind our name and our guiding Philosophy and Ethos.


What Aletheia Means

Aletheia means “unconcealed”. This word underpins our philosophy: true health is innate and within, it simply requires “un-concealing”. Aletheia Clinicians work with you to un-conceal your true Health and the ultimate expression of yourself: whatever wellness, athletic or longevity goal you may have.

We use state-of-the-art diagnostic testing and biometric tracking, we have industry-leading Clinicians and cutting-edge health technologies.

We combine this with pragmatism, extensive research into what works and the dedication to discover the tools that really move the needle. We are not moved by fad diets, Netflix documentaries or the latest (usually extreme) ‘biohack’.

We then layer in a profound respect for the ancient, the internal, the spiritual and energetic.

And everything we do for our patients comes from the comprehension that Health is rooted in optimal and effective nervous system communication and appropriate nervous system responses to internal and external stimuli.

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The Aletheia Approach

Everything we do at Aletheia is founded on the philosophy that optimal functioning of the nervous system facilitates Health. We address nervous system function through attending to four key pillars.

Aletheia’s Chiropractic & Physiology Care pillar is our fundamental tool for nervous system Health. Ensuring the integrity of physiological Health provides the foundational infrastructure for Ultimate Health.

We use data to inform your Health journey: from your genetic blueprint to medical & functional diagnostics & biomarker tracking. Based on your data, we optimise your physiology – recommending nutrition, supplements & biochemistry support.

Health emerges based on all inputs – food, supplements & all elements of our environment. We show you how to harmonise your life to facilitate your optimal Health: from sleep to sunlight, relationships to career, meditation to breath work – our Clinicians have training in all areas.

At Aletheia we know that true Health isn’t just about the physical. Our work is truly integrative – exploring psychology, mindset & the release of deeply held traumas. Because it truly matters. All of our Physical therapies & Diagnostic Clinicians support this deeper emotional work.


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