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Expert Clinicians, Industry-Leading Partner Laboratories, Global Care 


We pride ourselves on only working with the best: not solely based on qualifications – we care about character, compassion and ethos. Our Clinicians are all experts in their field – and are in Healthcare to genuinely help people.

The magic of Aletheia is that we take advantage of the Hive Mind. We know the value of collaborative networks, leveraged for supporting you in precisely the way you need.

Our Initial Consultations are – for the most part – conducted virtually, often by our Founder. From there, your service becomes local.

Aletheia operates in five continents (so far!), with the UK as the central infrastructure hub: storing your data within the EU and processing test and supplement orders through UK services using our fabulous providers below.

Our Doctors, Clinicians and Practitioners are trusted professionals who have been chosen because of their approach to Health. They embody the Aletheia Philosophy, and their work epitomises our focus of resolving Health issues and attaining Ultimate Health from the foundation of a Healthy nervous system.

Our list of networked professionals include:

  • Prescribing Doctors
  • Chiropractic Doctors
  • Functional Medicine Doctors & Practitioners
  • Osteopaths & Cranial Osteopaths
  • Physiotherapists
  • Psychologists & Psychotherapists
  • Performance Psychologists & Coaches
  • Financial & Mindset Coaches
  • Breath Work Experts
  • Yoga Teachers
  • Meditation Guides

Moreover, because we are a distributed team, this is not a financial arrangement or a commission-based structure. This is simply about great experts operating with Trust, Integrity and Care.

Our Doctor, Clinician & Practitioner referrals are therefore not influenced by profit – but by sourcing the absolute best support for each, unique patient.


All Partner Test, Supplement and Health-tech companies are hand-selected by our Founder. Not solely based on cost or profit; we care about efficacy, ethics and the environment. We only use systems, test, supplements and tech that really move the needle in your Health journey.

APEIRONGenetic Performance Array
Apeiron provide the foundation of our genetic array and epigenetic coaching. We utilise Apeiron technology to power our genomic blueprint test, a cornerstone of our health support and the on-ramp for those who work with deeper coaching programmes at Aletheia.
Medichecks is a market leader for comprehensive, cost effective blood testing which can be done at a partner lab or from your home. The process is easy, but their tests are highly powered and broad, combining markers which offer useful information, not just meaningless data.
For our clients with gastrointestinal concerns we use Healthpath – who provide SIBO tests and an industry leading stool testing service, powered by Biovis: a comprehensive test accompanied by a beautiful client dashboard for patients to explore their own results.
CHRONOMICSEpigenetic Testing
Chronomics testing provides insight into epigenetic methylation patterns, revealing the impact of diet and lifestyle on your DNA. Where other companies check telomeres, or just for biological/DNA Age – Chronomics offer deeper insights in this repeatable epigenetic test.
The science and art of multiple microbiome analysis is a growing one, and Invivo Healthcare are in the vanguard. Their tests and supplement range are comprehensive, made with integrity and complete care. We utilise their ranges for oral and vaginal biome health.
The leader in comprehensive hormone testing, we partner with Precision Analytical to offer DUTCH Testing alongside blood tests to optimise our members’ hormonal health where required. DUTCH is urine testing which can identify sex and adrenal hormones, plus metabolites.


VICTORIA FENTONFounder & Functional Medicine Consultant
Functional Medicine, Naturopathy & Nutrition trained, Victoria has run an Integrative Medicine practice in the Harley Street Medical area for 5 years incorporating approaches from functional/integrative medicine, health optimisation, biohacking and longevity medicine. She’s also been lucky enough to work with a wealth of global professionals – and integrating all of this is what brought her to build Aletheia and The Aletheia Network.

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