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TESTING… the foundation of any good Health programme… or is it?? We’ll start with the easy answer: yes, it is. @aletheiaclinics we use some of the world’s most innovative & cutting-edge tests (from blood to stool, multiple microbiomes to OAT & DUTCH (urine) & from genetics to epigenetics). We find baselines before we begin optimisation & we dig for root causes in the more intricate realms of biochemistry that aren’t often explored. And we track progress using repeat testing – because what gets measured gets managed.

But the tricky parts of testing are twofold: when to use which test, & interpreting that test in context. It is these two areas that define why Health is a long way from being truly automated. Tech hasn’t mastered the art of contextual analysis… yet.

That’s why, at Aletheia, all of our partner test companies are leaders in their field… but they also respect our clinicians, & when we DON’T want (i.e. need) to use their tests.

In biohacking, optimisation & functional medicine it is easy to bankrupt yourself spending thousands on tests. At Aletheia we pride ourselves on using tests which provide true value: either because they give real insight, or because they directly alter clinical recommendations. Nice-to-know info is always available, & we’ll provide that to anyone if asked. But our experts are always mindful of the utility of each test. The ROI, if you will.

We also pride ourselves on interweaving interpretations. Human bodies are complex systems; it is only by integrating data from different tests that truly informative pictures of Health are revealed. Uncovering Health is literally what we do – so accurate, integrated test interpretation is a key foundation to Aletheia’s work.

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