Project Description

Caring for the physiology is at the core of Aletheia’s Services

The Aletheia Philosophy is founded on un-concealing innate Health by optimising the function and communication of the nervous system, as the nervous system is fundamental for effective communication between brain, body and emotions.

Effective nervous system communication is reliant on the physical body. Tensions, trauma, maladaptive patterns and compromises can become stored in the physiology throughout life. At Aletheia we value those who work with the body, as they have the unique ability to facilitate the release of these adaptive/maladaptive patterns.

Chiropractic Care

For Aletheia, Chiropractic lays the foundation because the Chiropractic Principles have at their core the understanding that the body is self-healing, i.e. that Health is innate, and that the Health of human beings is founded on effective nervous system communication.

Chiropractic approaches the optimisation of nervous system communication by adjusting subluxations in spinal vertebrae.

During life, the spine must adapt to stresses placed upon it – from all forms of trauma, large or small. Any loss of vertebral motion or misalignment of vertebra(e) which occurs as a result of such stress can result in nerve compression or dysfunction; irritation which affects nervous system (body-brain) communication. This is referred to as a subluxation. Chiropractic adjustments aim to restore the range of motion to the vertebra(e), thereby restoring nerve signalling and effective communication throughout the nervous system.

The Gonstead System

At Aletheia, our foundation is the Gonstead system of Chiropractic because of its specificity, accuracy and the nature (direction) of adjustments, all of which are important.

The Gonstead system uses a thorough analysis of the spine, incorporating visualisation and palpation methods, X-Ray analysis (where indicated) and the use of a thermometer device (Nervoscope) which can precisely check for signs of inflammation/nerve irritation. This combination of diagnostics allows for precision with adjustments, and for exact causes of pain and/or symptoms to be more effectively identified.

A Gonstead Chiropractor will adjust very few (often, just one) vertebral subluxation per appointment.

Other Physiological Tools

Aletheia is a Global Network – and Gonstead Chiropractors are available in many areas, though not everywhere. Where possible we use our resources to find you a Gonstead Chiropractor, or other Chiropractic professional near you. We also recommend other forms of movement therapy or musculoskeletal treatments from osteopathy to cranial, posture techniques, personal trainers and physiotherapists. Our work with Connective Tissue Disorders means we track down the best and arrange their support for you, whatever your issues.


  • Back, Neck Pain & Structural Issues

  • Headaches

  • Posture & Balance Problems

  • TMJ, Jaw and Dental Issues

  • Hypermobility & Connective Tissue Support

  • Complex Gastrointestinal Conditions

  • Mental Health e.g. Anxiety

  • Autoimmunity

  • Thyroid Issues & Fatigue

  • Hypersensitivity / Hyper-reactivity Issues


  • X-Rays may be recommended and your Chiropractor will arrange these for you

  • Assessments are painless, though tender areas may be sensitive to palpation

  • Adjustments are painless, though you may hear a ‘popping’ sound of air release

  • Your Chiropractor will recommend some ‘aftercare’ – usually application of ice and minimising aggravating movements

  • Your Aletheia Core Clinician will get feedback from your Physical Professionals to keep up to date with your progress


Several of the practices we recommend at Aletheia have negative articles written about them online, scepticism and entries into “Quackwatch”.
Our Founder has created Aletheia based on a combination of research, scientific evidence base and experience – both personal and with countless patients.
We stand behind and endorse every choice that we make: from Chiropractic to Genetic Testing, “Functional Medicine” to the latest ‘Longevity’ tools – all the way through to our spiritual and trauma work.
We will discuss everything with you in detail and for EVERY recommendation we will provide you with detailed explanations as to the rationale behind it and what we are aiming to achieve with that solution.

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