Project Description

Mindset Matters

If you have read about The Aletheia Philosophy, you will know that absolutely everything we do at Aletheia is founded on the optimal functioning of the nervous system.

No organ is more vital in the operation of the nervous system than the brain – and nothing can directly influence the nervous system as profoundly as thoughts, perspectives and mindsets.

At Aletheia, every single one of our Clinicians has a profound respect for the programming of the nervous system by life experiences. This often occurs when we are very young through traumas – both minor and major. These early programming experiences determine the way our nervous system (and hence our brain, body, physiology and biochemistry) goes on to interact with the world around us.

Illness and blockages to success and optimisation are founded in these protective neurological patterns of stress.

Everything we do supports the physiology to release these patterns.

Our expert psychotherapists, coaches and mindset specialists take this still further:

  • Schema work to support transforming deeply held self-beliefs, perspectives and narratives

  • Somatic experiencing work to release trauma held within the body

  • Counselling support for you to talk through your history and issues

  • Supportive and safe infrastructure for you to explore your trauma memories

  • Performance coaching: focusing on releasing the limiting beliefs which prevent you from achieving ultimate success

  • Financial coaching: supporting the release of limiting beliefs around finances

  • Breath Work & Meditation expert coaching which can calms and reprogram the nervous system

Our Clinician Team

Our Functional/Integrative Medicine specialists will do elements of mindset work with each of our patients because the foundation of physiological optimisation revolves around understanding why your body has developed the issues you are facing.

Understanding and comprehending how the physiology has responded or adapted (mal-adapted) to life experiences, through the vehicle of the nervous system and stress/tension, begins the work of unwinding the conditions that have developed.

However, we comprehend the need for specialists in this area and our network includes psychotherapists and specialists in many different disciplines: from addictions experts to trauma therapists, from constellation and familial therapy to somatic experiencing counsellors, breath work and yoga experts.

Our expertise is in identifying the most effective therapy, truly suited to you, and then facilitating your access to that support.

Over time, Aletheia aims to build whole retreats which provide the safe space for our patients to access and release deep traumas. These will be combined retreats which truly appreciate the dovetailed nature of supporting a human being to access their Ultimate Potential: supporting the body, the lifestyle, the environment and the psyche. If you are interested in learning more once we have built the correct vessel to support this work, please contact us and we will sign you up to our mailing list.


  • Packaged Consultations

  • Ad-Hoc Initial & Follow Up Consultations

  • Nutrition-Specific Mindset Coaching

  • Connective Tissue-Specific Mindset Coaching

  • Overcoming Health Anxieties Coaching

  • Performance Mindset Coaching

  • Financial Freedom Mindset Coaching


  • Virtual Consultations: Worldwide

  • Zoom, FaceTime, Whereby: Video Consultations

  • Telephone Consultations

  • In-Person Consultations occasionally available depending on location: Contact Us to find out more

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