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I have several posts on my blog about Genetics. But anyone who has emailed me to book in to chat to me about genetics knows that I’ve been very anti-genetic-testing. Why? Because it doesn’t have enough evidence behind it yet… or rather, the direct-to-consumer tests that are available don’t. And the 23andme data scandals – with people being told quite serious health information – are only eclipsed by the other, low quality, “DNA Tests” which are essentially fancy PDFs, with woefully little data behind them, which make all the promises (lies) that they can tell you how to eat, exercise and live in order to ‘be healthy’.
Not only has this never been true, I have mostly found that DNA results give people misinformation – “I’m MTHFR” (you’re not), “I’ve got CBS mutations” (umm… mutations?!), “I’m COMT” (again, you’re not anything…)

I strongly believe that DNA information should be delivered by somebody who can help the patient have perspective. And I believe that the information obtained from the DNA should be:

  • Actionable, not just informative
  • Comprehensive – not 1 SNP – 1 issue, but looking at a complexity of genetic factors which influence a surface manifestation of biochemistry or behaviour
  • Complex – people are, your DNA sure as hell is. Oversimplification is unnecessary and patronising
  • Not overwhelming – hence the insertion of a coach in the intermediary step. If you have someone who has been trained to understand not only the genetics, but how to interpret and also make actionable the information derived from your genomic blueprint so that you can make epigenetic (lifestyle, nutrition, supplement) changes – then this elevates a fancy PDF with little relevance to being a phenomenally foundational tool to all healthcare journeys

Enter Apeiron. Currently, a series of Health Optimisation Centers based in the US – Apeiron also has an academy which trains coaches in its proprietary Genomic Array. Not only does this array satisfy all of the criteria above, but the deliver of the information through trained coaches also guarantees that this information remains actionable – and kept in perspective.
Never will Genetic Analysis be the ‘everything’ to someone’s healthcare plan.
BUT it is a foundational piece, without which I no longer choose to work with patients – especially if they are on my complete health optimisation or athletes programmes. Truly exceptional, ‘limitless’ wellness can only exist when all plans are constructed in accordance with knowledge of the true genetic underpinnings of robust health.
On top of that we layer biomarker data, we add in biometric/tracking data, we can add on epigenetic optimisation data – and we synthesise all of that to create the most comprehensive wellness packages available.
Genetics are only the start point – and our coaches at VFH and Aletheia are completely able to provide you with real insights from your DNA data, matched with everything else we know about your wellbeing to date.

Apeiron arrays are phenomenally complex. Our panels cover 6 areas:

  • Nutrition – yes, how to construct your diet for maximum health. But this isn’t a surface read, it’s a nuance and in-depth insight
  • Exercise – where you excel, how long you need to recover, what you can do to improve where you are weaker
  • Sleep – your chronotype, sleep need, likelihood for disruption (this shows us whether your sleeplessness is genetic or lifestyle)
  • Hormones – we can see your receptivity to, production of and metabolism of hormones
  • Detoxification – a world-leading insight into where your detox pathways may be impaired and/or substances to which you are supremely sensitive (mercury, mould, Lyme etc. etc.)
  • Supplements – yes, we can see where you – genetically – would benefit from increased supplementation due to certain pathways being affected

This is a seriously impressive insight into how you were made. Our coaches use this baseline to offer you really useable insights to show you how to become optimised.

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